my first comedy album

"Like any great album, “My First Comedy Album” holds together as a total work as well as in individual bits. Kelly is a natural, as is the delighted response of his multi-generational audience." 
—Kathy O'Connell, Kids Corner, WXPN Philadelphia.

Welcome to Billy Kelly's web site. These are but a few of the words you will encounter on the site.

My First Comedy Album is Billy Kelly’s first comedy album, hence the name. Spoiler alert: it is squeaky clean! This comedy is so darn clean that kids can listen to it, and to prove that point Billy invited kids to the recording of this album. Srsly, it was kind of nuts.

Think of My First Comedy Album as comedy toast with the crust cut off; if that crust was made of swear words and jokes about dating. So basically there is none of that stuff — just good clean, nutritious, gluten-free laughs and absurd fun that people of all ages can enjoy together. Hashtag fun.