My wife Jackie and I played a little April Fool's Day prank on our friendly neighborhood mailman, and it somehow turned into national news! We made a 10-foot-long envelope, addressed it, put a stamp on it and stuck the end out of our front-door mail slot for our mailman to pick up. When we saw the mailman coming we hid in our car and watched him pull the looooooong envelope out of the slot. When he got to the end of the envelope it said "APRIL FOOL'S!" in big letters and we hopped out of the car to share a good laugh with him — and apologize! Good clean fun.

We shared some photos from our prank on my facebook page and the word spread. Our local TV news station, WNEP, got wind of the prank via Facebook™ and that night anchorman Jim Hamill did a very nice, quick, report on it in his newscast. THAT report brought the story to the attention of ABC News, who ran it on their web site and on TV. By April 3rd the ABC News video of our little prank had over 1 million views! Yikes! You can check out their take on the prank right here!

For the record, our mailman thought the prank was very funny and he was as delighted as Jackie and myself with the interest in the story. It's nice to know that lots of people got a little chuckle out of our silly trick. And in conclusion, your shoe is untied.