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My First Comedy Album (YAY! Music, 9/16/16) is a lil’ stand-up comedy album for everyone of all ages. Buncha jokes, two songs, a few impressions, lots of laughs — good clean fun. In fact, if My First Comedy Album wasn't such a great title this album would have totally been called "Good Clean Fun!"

My First Comedy Album was recorded in front of two audiences on June 11, 2016, and edited together for your listening pleasure. Kids ages 8 & up were in attendance for the first performance; the second performance was adults only. All the same jokes were performed at both shows. Kids laughed and drank juice boxes, adults laughed and drank whatever they wanted because adults gonna adult! The point is this: people of (nearly) all ages enjoyed stand-up comedy together, and we have the recording to prove it.

Listen and/or buy on bandcamp. Or listen to part, buy part and skip other parts. Or buy all of it except one part. Choose your own comedy adventure!!!

Additional merch coming soon in the form of t-shirts and whatnot.